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The Mikvahs at Chabad

The mikvah offers the individual, the community, and the nation of Israel the remarkable gift of purity and holiness. No other religious rite can affect the Jew in this way and, indeed, on such an essential level.

Chabad Gate Mikvah - North
770 Chabad Gate, Thornhill, ONT L4J 3V9

The Chabad Lubavitch Community Centre maintains a spacious and recently renovated woman’s Mikvah. Open each night at dusk, entry to the mikvah is from southern side of the building and facilitated by especially designated parking spaces at the mikvah entrance.

There are five newly renovated, aesthetically pleasing and well-appointed preparation rooms constantly being maintained by attendants. Every effort is made by our carefully selected and skilled staff to ensure that our patrons receive prompt and courteous service.

The on-site Mikvah number is 905-731-4068. For more information and for Friday night access please call Mrs. Sultana Nakkar at the above number. The fee is $20, annual membership is also available.

There is a completely separate Mikvah facility for men open each morning of the year from 6AM to 9AM. The annual fee is $360. and occasional users pay $3.00 per visit.

Tevilat Kailim (immersion of new dishes) is not encouraged due to inconvenient access.

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