With a beautiful lake, miles of hiking trails and numerous playing fields, campers experience a wide range of outdoor activities including rowing, canoeing, swimming, nature walks, basketball, baseball, football and soccer. Indoor activities include floor hockey, arts & crafts, woodworking and more.

The Camp Gan Yisroel experience is more than just a summer of fun and learning. The enthusiastic approach to the lifestyle in "The Rebbe's Camp" creates the chassidishe atmosphere of our camp, leaving a lasting impression, remembered for a lifetime.

Located on a 207-acre nature reserve of lush forests and natural habitats in Haliburton, Ontario, Camp Gan Yisroel is the perfect setting for an enjoyable camping experience, where campers come in touch with the beauty of Hashem's world. The new state-of-the-art, indoor and outdoor camping facilities includes a modern, brightly lit Shul auditorium with a large porch & a scenic lake view, a spacious kitchen and dining room, spacious cabins and high end sports courts.

A Paramedic is always on site attending to any medical needs, as well as the full staff of certified lifeguards supervising all water related activities. The importance of personal and environmental cleanliness is continuously stressed and encouraged. In addition to the Health Center, maintained and on-call 24 hours a day, all sports facilities, particularly the waterfront, are equipped with the latest in safety equipment.