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Revised-profile-pic-FW-with-title-1.jpgPlans are in full swing for the upcoming 41st annual dinner of Chabad Lubavitch. The gala celebration to be held Monday, December 2, 2019 will honour Freddie Waks. “This event is an opportunity for the entire community to pay tribute to a most deserving community leader,” said Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, Regional Director of Chabad Lubavitch. Notwithstanding a demanding career in the world of real estate, our honouree starts each day in solitude and reflection. Wrapped in Talis and Tefillin he begins his prayers with an expression of gratitude for the past and hope for the future.  As a son of Holocaust survivors, leading a life with a sense of purpose has always been foremost in his mind and heart. Hence, Freddie does not need any prodding to take an active role in causes that promote health, higher learning, Holocaust awareness, and traditional values.

Freddie’s involvement with Chabad Lubavitch came about naturally. His parents Henry and Sylvia who were amongst the first staunch supporters of Chabad some 45 years ago. They were impressed with the nonjudgmental attitude and unyielding optimism in the growth of Jewish life. As a result of their close friendship with Zalman and Esther Grossbaum, the affinity with Chabad Lubavitch rolled over seamlessly to their two sons Jay and Freddie.

 This year’s campaign theme is, “iCare, iShare.” The moniker is a takeoff from the easily identified tech products offered by Apple Inc. According to the company founder, the iconic I, stands for; Individual, Instruct, Inform, and Inspire. These distinctive characteristic are certainly in sync with the objectives of Chabad Lubavitch. On many occasions the Rebbe quoted the classic ruling of Maimonides that one should always consider the world as if perched on a scale in balance and the next good deed as the “tie breaker” with the potential to tip the scale favourably and bring salvation to the entire world. Hence, the Rebbe often stressed the importance of each individual and the significance of every encounter.

 The gala to be held at the Shaarei Shomayim will feature guest speaker Danny Danon, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations. Earlier this year in the presence of ambassadors from around the world Mr. Danon donned a Yarmulka, and declared; “G‑d gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people when he made a covenant with Abraham.” Lifting a Bible, he intoned, “This is our deed. Since then a video of the speech has gone viral and translated into many languages.

 A Musical interlude will feature two siblings that will perform in unison, Avraham, 14, on the violin, and his sister 12, Dina stringing the Cello. Avraham started playing the violin and studying music at the age of 8. He has achieved first place in a number of children's music competitions, and received top scores on his ABRSM exams. He has given recitals in on pieces ranging from Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, and Hendel.  Dina started on the cello at age 7, and has been working on perfecting her cello skills ever since. As a result of her older siblings playing, and her musical surroundings, Dina learned early on to play in ensemble and has given several recitals, on pieces including Bach, Gossec, and Handel.

 The upcoming gala is the culmination of the annual fund raising campaign which provides the resources needed to sustain the plethora of programs and projects under our administration. From the flagship centre in Thornhill, Chabad Lubavitch continues to service the entire Jewish community and strives to improve the landscape of Jewish life throughout the GTA and beyond. These objectives are further augmented by some 15 satellite centres, strategically established throughout the GTA and beyond. So too, there are Chabad House student centres at all major universities along the southern rim of Ontario.

 This past summer over 1200 youngsters enjoyed a meaningful summer attending either the Lubavitch Day Camp the city wide program or Gan Israel the overnight camp in Haliburton. Being sensitive to the financial hardship of many families, both programs made provisions for campers to attend on a scholarship basis. These endeavours were facilitated by some 300 teenagers who were offered employment in a most rewarding environment. Notwithstanding the financial burden, Rabbi Grossbaum noted, “we feel we get excellent value by providing a meaningful summer for well over 1500 children and teenagers, either as campers or counselors!

Dinner reservations may be arranged by calling Chabad Lubavitch at 905.731.7000 ext.222 or emailing