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A smorgasbord of learning opportunities is available thru the telephone. Just dial 905.731.7777 and follow the instructions. One can chose to study the weekly Torah portion, Code of Jewish Law, or Chassidic thought from the comfort of home or at work during a lunch-break. For the Yiddish speaking public the selection also includes segments of the Rebbe’s public discourses and Chassidic songs. In total there are some 35 study options on the system. This program is especially meaningful for shut-ins, seniors and those who live beyond the G.T.A.

  This initiative launched some thirty years ago by Chabad Lubavitch is in sync with the perspective of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, obm, who encouraged the utilization of technology to advance Torah study. Quoting the Talmudic passage, “Whatever G‑d created is for the sole purpose of His glory,” the Rebbe of Lubavitch stressed that every scientific discovery should be harnessed in a meaningful way. Hence, Chabad employs all forms of technology such as T.V, videos, and World Wide Web to disseminate Torah and educate the masses.  

  Amongst the more popular features is the ‘Daily Daf’ (page of Talmud) which allows one to study the entire Talmud at their own pace. So too, the daily segment of Maimonides can be accessed regularly.  The easy entree is also inviting for youngsters, who by merely following the prompts, can enjoy a host of exciting learning opportunities geared especially for children. The menu also enables one to find the date of their Hebrew birthday or day of yartzeit, observance.

Currently this project is dedicated in memory of

Ilana bas Arye Ronen

Yehudis Baila Bernstein bas Yisroel Yitzchak Eliyakum Sheyichya

Tzvi ben Schmuel Schecter

Chava bas Zev Zion HaKohain Tauby

 No doubt the virtue of advancing Torah study will certainly merit their soul to soar even higher in the lofty spheres of Heaven.