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  • Yud Shevat 70 years Melaveh Malkah with Rabbi Shmuel Lew, London England For more info click here
  • Rohr Jewish Learning InstituteStarting This February Judaism's Gifts to the World. MORE INFO
  • The Friendship CircleA program for children & young adults with special needs Click here for more details.
  • Donate a car For more info click here
  • The Jewish WomanThe Jewish Woman is a site dedicated to providing Jewish women of all backgrounds intellectually challenging, emotionally uplifting and inspirationally stimulating articles. Read More
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  • Obstacle or Opportunity?Chapter 21 of Positivity Bias Read More
  • What It’s Like to Be Wyoming’s First Chassidic Bat Mitzvah GirlChayale Mendelsohn celebrates with friends from near and far Read More
  • Three Matzot & Four Cups of WineOur sages established that we drink four cups of wine at the Seder, recalling the four expressions... Read More
  • Envoy From SafedIf successful, he would save his
    brothers and sisters from certain ruin. If unsuccessful, they...
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