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New Community Mikvah


As the Thornhill Jewish community continues to grow it is of utmost importance to meet the religious needs of young families that are moving north of Steeles Avenue. Indeed, clustered primarily along Bathurst Street and extending north through Thornhill numerous subdivisions have a noticeable and dominant Jewish presence. The famed major artery is dotted with Shuls, kosher restaurants and schools. 

 Chabad Lubavitch of Southern Ontario was amongst the first to establish a presence in the rural village of Vaughan. In due time our flagship centre was enlarged to facilitate the growth of the community. Now we have embarked on a most ambitious undertaking to replace the in-house woman’s mikvah with a “state of the art” free standing facility. Entry and dedicated parking will be from the bottom of Lony Court. The immersion pool will be surrounded by seven spacious prep suites. Designed by interior decorators, and adorned with fashionable fixtures, the ambiance will elicit a relaxed and reflective feeling of spiritual rejuvenation. Special provisions are being made to also accommodate mobility challenged patrons.

 Construction of the new standalone Woman’s Mikvah will enable us to redesign the existing Mikvah and adjacent space for men, to be used on the eve of Shabbat and before daily prayers. With the ever growing increase of patrons, the area will be renovated to accommodate a spacious change room and include an ample bank of showers.