The Jack Weinbaum Tefillin Bank

  er.jpgSome 10 years ago Mr. Jack Weinbaum graciously offered to partner with each individual who would commit to embrace the fundamental Mitzva of Teffilin on a daily basis. Indeed, with the entry point for a quality pair of Tefillin beyond reach for some, a program of this nature is certainly of merit.

   (1921-2014)                                                                                                        Being cognizant of the Talmudic dictum “A doctor for a penny is worth a penny,” the applicant is asked to participate in half of the cost. Naturally under special circumstances payment plans are also considered. Since its inception, over 125 individuals have availed themselves to this most meaningful gesture. They may be a university student, an immigrant, or a person with a limited income.

  DSC_2336.JPGThe Tefillin Campaign was launched 50 years ago by the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory in 1967. During the trying days before the Six Day War the Rebbe urge Jews the world over to embrace the mitzva of Tefillin. He quoted the biblical verse, “And the Nations will see the name of G‑d on you,” which the Talmudic sage, Rabbi Rabbi Eliezer, explains is a reference to Tefillin. The said verse concludes, "And they will be overcome with fear." Hence, in times of need the mitzvah of Tefillin is of added importance and helps secure our beloved land of Israel. The Rebbe’s call has been the impetus for tens of thousands to begin observing this mitzvah on a daily basis. Indeed, most of the recipients of the Jack Weinbaum Tefillin Bank had their first Tefillin encounter with a Chabad volunteer as a result of the Rebbe’s initiative.