Chabad Lubavitch Swimming Pool, Open to the Community at Large

Nestled in south west corner of our three acre site is a red brick cabana obstructing the view of a large outdoor pool. A spacious deck flanks the 30’ x 60’ pool and tall cedars form a lush exterior perimeter that helps create a sense of calm and an oasis of tranquility. The well-appointed complex was made possible by a generous contribution from the Solomon family, and a considerable grant from Wintario, the first lottery game offered by the Ontario Lottery Corporation.

The facility constructed some 38 years ago was a most welcomed feature for the fledgling community taking root in Thornhill, as rural farm land was converted to subdivisions for middle income houses. For young families having just made their first home purchase in the emerging town, Chabad Lubavitch was a lifesaver offering a plethora of social services and recreational activities, especially those geared to children and young adults.  

The pool and cabana continues to provide aquatic activities for some 700 youngsters attending Lubavitch Day Camp. Counsellors and staff are offered a swim after camp dismissal. Being cognizant that many young families are spending the summer in town, Chabad Lubavitch takes much pleasure in having the pool available to the community at large as well. Evenings, weekends and especially the extended holiday weekends we provide recreational swimming and poolside lounging for all. 

As we plan our summer programs for 2024, it is our intention to once again provide this vital service to campers, youngsters, and the community at large. We remain committed to take all steps necessary to keep the facility up to standards to ensure safety and functionality. Every effort is made to maintain (and repair) the pool, deck, filtration system, and auxiliary components needed for the safe and hygienic recreational experience.  

As with all programs under our administration, there is a nominal fee, with the following options.



Entire summer

July or August